Our company, which started its activities in Bursa in 01/01/2003, gained the confidence of both its producers and customers with its steel doors and interior doors and its successes in Bursa and southern Marmara in the beginning of February 2008, it has strengthened its activities by establishing HİS-KAR YAPI İNŞ. SINGING. TIC. LTD. Sti. The works in Bursa and southern Marmara in 2003 until this day (October / 2009), attracted attention to detail, after-sales service and technical services both in retail and in projects and preferred in retail and collective projects. Thanks to this interest and confidence in our company, we offer our endless gratitude to those who choose us, thanks again for their preferences. In 03/06/2010 THE COMPANY'S TITLE WAS CHANGED UNDER INSTITUTIONALIZATION ACTIVITIES TO DELTADOR STEEL DOOR BUILDING CONSTRUCTION FURNITURE INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO.INC. We said those who asked the secret of success; The steel door and the interior door are our jobs. To take justified pride of the This is TURKISH MADE for domestic and foreign customers we always worked and worked and always followed innovations.

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